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Illinois State University

Understanding the Student Life Tab in the Web Portal

The Student Life tab in the web portal contains resources relevant to student life at Illinois State University. This tab will be visible only to current students at Illinois State University.






Please refer to Figure 1 below to see how the following sub-headings of the Student Life tab may look. Not all students will have all of the sub-headings shown below, nor is this list inclusive of all possible Student Life sub-headings available at Illinois State.




Housing & Dining


Housing & Dining will feature links that students may use to manage your housing and dining options, check the status of laundry units in your residence hall, access information regarding the wired ResNet network, or to submit a Housing Work Order.




Get Involved


Get Involved will feature links to resources that students may use to search for information regarding student organizations, volunteer opportunities available, upcoming events on or around campus, and to purchase a Red Alert Pass for athletic events.




Support & Wellness


Support & Wellness will feature links to resourses that students may use to contact the Dean on Duty, make an appointment at Student Health Services, schedule counseling appointments, obtain legal advice, link to the Student Fitness Center, search campus recreation programs, and seek information regarding Health Promotion and Wellness programs and resources.




Figure 1:





How to Get Help


For technical assistance, you may contact the Technology Support Center at 309-438-4357, or by email at




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