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Illinois State University

Understanding the Home Tab in the Web Portal

The Home tab in the web portal at Illinois State University is displayed by default upon logging in. The Home tab includes personalized information, as well as quick access to important online resources.




Quick Links


The Home tab offers quick links to Office 365 and email, your campus Profile, the Campus A-Z search tool, the Academic Calendar, the Technology Support Center, and more, (such as iPeople, ReggieNet for example) based upon your University affiliation.






The Announcement section displays a both University-wide, as well as personalized announcements. Click on an announcement title to learn more about each story. You may customize the announcements feed by using the flag and trash can icons. Move your mouse over each announcement to see these icons. Click the flag icon to move an announcement to the top of the list, or click the trash can icon to remove an announcement from the list.






The News section displays an array of news articles of interest to the University community. You may click on [More News > ] to be redirected to the University News website to view additional and past news items.






The Events section displays a list of events that are currently taking place on campus. You may click on [More Events > ] to be redirected to the University Events website to view additional and upcoming events.




Tech Alerts


The Tech Alerts section displays information regarding current University system outages, performance degradations, and maintenance. Phishing attempts that have been reported circulating around campus will also be reported here. Click on an alert to view additional information regarding that particular alert.



Personalized Features


Other items may be displayed in your Home tab based upon your University affiliation:



Students: Students will see their current Class Schedules displayed in their Home tab, as well as any Holds on their accounts, and items in their To Do List. You may click on any Hold item, or To Do List item in order to view more information about the item. Underneath the Class Schedule, students may click [Student Center > ] to be redirected to their Student Center.



Faculty: Faculty will see a schedule of courses they are currently teaching in their Home tab. Faculty may also click on [Faculty Center > ] underneath their schedule to be redirected to their Faculty Center.


Other Personalization: Other users may see other items displayed on their Home tab dependant upon their individual University role(s). Users holding more than one role (a student who is also an instructor, for example) will see a combination of items for their roles in their Home tab.




How to Get Help


For technical assistance, you may contact the Technology Support Center at 309-438-4357, or by email at




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