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Illinois State University

Overview of the Web Portal

The web portal provides current students, faculty, staff, and annuitants at Illinois State University with personalized information and links to resources that matter to them. Email, announcements, policies, campus news and events, payroll, employee forms, service requests, and more can be accessed via this web portal.

Please Note: If you have recently been accepted to Illinois State University, you may not have access to the web portal immediately. Setting up your account with the correct permissions to access can take 2-3 business days.

Access the Web Portal

The web portal may be accessed via the following steps:

  1. Navigating to
  2. Select the [sign in using Central Login] button.
  3. Enter your University Login ID (ULID) and password, and then select [Sign In].

Once you are logged in, the web portal will appear similar to Figure 1 below.

Personalization of My

When you login to, the information displayed in the portal is personalized for you based on your affiliation (student, faculty, staff, or annuitant) with the University. The tabs you see on the website, as well as, the links to additional University websites and online resources which appear underneath each of the tabs, are personalized for you based upon your role(s) at the University.

Navigation of My

The top of the web portal will feature the following links:

  • Illinois State University: You may select this link to return to the main Illinois State University home page.
  • Giving: You may select this link to be redirected to the donations home page.
  • News: You may select this link to be redirected to the University News website.
  • Events: You may select this link to be redirected to the University Events website.
  • Maps: You may select this link to access online campus maps.
  • Apply: You may select this link to be redirected to the Admissions website.
  • My: You may select this link to be redirected to the My homepage.
  • Magnifying Glass: You may select this link in to search the University website.

Beneath the My Illinois State branding near the top of the website, you will see the tabs that may be visible in the portal, based upon your role(s), include: Home, Academics, Pay & Benefits, Requests & Forms, Safety & Policy, Finances, and Student Life. Information regarding each of these tabs, and the resources available in each are described in more detail in the Knowledge Base articles linked below:

Figure 1:

How to Get Help

For technical assistance, you may contact the Technology Support Center at (309) 438-4357, or by email at